GPULab is a distributed system for running jobs in GPU-enabled Docker-containers. GPULab consists out of a set of heterogeneous clusters, each with their own characteristics (GPU model, CPU speed, memory, bus speed, …), allowing you to select the most appropriate hardware. Each job runs isolated within a Docker containers with dedicated CPU’s, GPU’s and memory for maximum performance.

This documentation contains more info on what GPULab is and how to use it.


The previous stable CLI is: gpulab-client-2.0.tar.gz (requires python >= 3.5) gpulab-client-2.0.1.tar.gz (same + backport of some fixes)

The “release candidate” CLI is: gpulab-client-2.1.tar.gz (requires python >= 3.7)

Note: Version 2.1 fixes some bugs but might introduce some new bugs (report them to It also requires a newer python, which is default in ubuntu from 19.04.

For bugreports, questions and feedback:

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