GPULab is a distributed system for running jobs in GPU-enabled Docker-containers. GPULab consists out of a set of heterogeneous clusters, each with their own characteristics (GPU model, CPU speed, memory, bus speed, …), allowing you to select the most appropriate hardware. Each job runs isolated within a Docker containers with dedicated CPU’s, GPU’s and memory for maximum performance.

This documentation contains more info on what GPULab is and how to use it.


Looking for a quick introduction? Have a look at our 'GPULab and JupyterHub introduction' slidedeck.

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The UGent HPC also offers GPU resources: it has multiple GPU clusters available with different generations of NVIDIA GPUs.

It is straightforward to port GPULab jobs to run on the UGent HPC instead: convert the Docker image that you are using to an Apptainer image.

The maximum duration of a job on the HPC is 72 hours.

For more information on how to use these resources, please refer to the HPC documentation on GPU clusters.

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