Getting an accountΒΆ

The account you need to use the Portable testbed depends on the location where you will use it:

  • If an Internet uplink is available, then a regular FED4FIRE/GENI account can be used.
  • If the portable testbed will be used offline, then you will have to request an offline account.

To use the portable testbed with a FED4FIRE account (only when the portable testbed has an internet uplink!) :

To request an offline account :

  • Request an OpenVPN account by e-mail (pieter.becue AT
  • Request an account at and download your certificate as PEM (from the Profile page).
  • Install jFed. Use the PEM file to authenticate yourself.
  • This version of jFed still needs an active internet connection (probably over wireless) when it starts. This will soon be fixed.
  • Be sure to disable all proxies in jFed when using the offline account.