Some nodes appear to be unavailable

Login to the web interface and see if some nodes are in reloading. If they remain in reloading for more than 10 minutes, then try to manually reboot the NUC node. If the nodes are in hwdown, then contact the testbed admin.

If no nodes are in reloading, but some NUCs are not booting while activating your experiment: attach a keyboard and just press ‘ENTER’ (Sometimes the NUC nodes will hang in GRUB).

jFed connectivity issues

  • If no internet uplink is available on the portable testbed, make sure you have an active wireless connection on your laptop.
  • Check if you can succesfully execute ‘ping boss’
  • Start jFed with the pem file you downloaded from the web interface (My Emulab - Generate SSL Cert or Download SSL cert).
  • If your jFed PROXY is enabled, click ‘Advanced Login’ , click ‘Reset to Default Settings’ and provide your certificate and password again before clicking ‘Login’. Once jFed is booted, go to ‘Preferences’ , ‘Proxy’ and click ‘Run Proxy Test’ and select ‘Never’ on both options.

SSH into your nodes from terminal

If you are not using jFed to login to your nodes, then you have to specify your private key as your identity to your SSH client:

ssh -i <pem> user@<hostname>