Portable Testbed Setup


The Portable testbeds currently consists of the following hardware :

  • 1 X Server case ( containing 1 server + a 24-port PoE-switch )
  • 8 X Intel NUC wireless nodes ( spread over 2 cases )
  • 8 X Battery pack to power a wireless node (optional)
  • 2 X Portable UPS to provide backup power for server (optional)
  • 32 X 802.15.4 sensor nodes (iMinds-RMoni RM090)
  • 2 X Wi-Spy USB dongle for simple WiFi spectrum scanning on 2.4 or 5GHz
  • 1 X USRP B200mini for advanced spectrum scannig ( 70MHz to 6GHz , max 56MHz bandwidth)
  • 4 X ZEDzync SDR boards
  • 1 X zc706zync SDR

Extending the Portable Testbed with other hardware (USB/Ethernet) is very easy.

System & Network architecture

The network is built as follows:

  • The entire subnet is defined as:
  • Default gateway:
  • DHCP & DNS server (BOSS):
  • The NUC wireless nodes are starting at (nuc1) until (nuc8)

The following virtual machines are available:

  • BOSS: takes care of DHCP/DNS/HTTP/SFA interface/image reloading ( or https://portable.ilabt.iminds.be )
  • OPS: file server to store NFS shares ( or ops.portable.ilabt.iminds.be)
  • AMQP: PubSub server to enable OMF experimentation ( or amqp.portable.ilabt.iminds.be)
  • OML: OML database server to store experiment measurement data. ( or oml.portable.ilabt.iminds.be)
  • Spectro: Visualization tool for OML measurement data and Wi-Spy spectrum sensing information ( or http://spectro.portable.ilabt.iminds.be )
  • Gateway: Gateway + VPN server in case an internet up-link is available. (

OML server

An OML server with PostgreSQL backend is available at oml.portable.ilabt.iminds.be :