Getting started

A simple experiment on w-iLab.t 1

Reservation is required !!

Follow these steps to run an experiment on w-iLab.1 :

To access resources on w-iLab.1, you need an account from a user authority. Choose one of the following:

Then check out this short tutorial or follow the steps below:

  • Browse and reserve resources at . You have to log in to make a reservation (on top right of the inventory page). Use Fed4FIRE OAuth as login method.
  • Install jFed
  • Start up jFed and login through the iLab.t Authority
  • Activate all proxies in the jFed preferences.
  • Click New, drag some Wireless nodes onto the canvas and right click them to select the Wilab1 testbed.
  • Make sure to fix your wireless node to one of the nodes you reserved earlier: specific node.
  • Click Run and give your experiment a name.
  • Double click the nodes and you should have SSH access on the nodes.

See the other w-iLab.t tutorials for more info on using the wireless interfaces.