Openflow at the Virtual Wall

Interfaces of some nodes of the Virtual Wall which are not connected to the big VLAN switch, are connected to a PICA8 P-3290 Openflow switch. The switch is connected to a FlowVisor, which is being programmed by a Foam Aggregate Manager.

The nice thing about the Virtual Wall, is that you can combine topologies on the Virtual Wall itself (with Open VSwitch) with this PICA8 switch.

Port connections

The following nodes are connected to the Openflow switch with (node name and port on switch):

n063-13a      1
n063-13b      2
n063-14a      3
n063-14b      4
n063-15a      5
n063-15b      6
n063-16a      7
n063-16b      8
n063-17a      9
n063-17b      10
n063-18a      11
n063-18b      12
n063-19a      13
n063-19b      14
n063-20a      15
n063-20b      16
n063-21a      17
n063-21b      18
n061-13a      48
n061-13b      47
n061-14a      46
n061-14b      45
n061-15a      44
n061-15b      43
n061-16a      42
n061-16b      41
n061-17a      40
n061-17b      39
n061-18a      38
n061-18b      37
n061-19a      36
n061-19b      35
n061-20a      34
n061-20b      33
n061-21a      32
n061-21b      31


Foam can be accessed at:

Openflow Request RSpec

jFed can load these RSpecs, as shown in jFed openflow support . An example Rspec (you can run your Openflow Controllers on Virtual Wall nodes and then specify those IP addresses in this RSpec):

<?xml version='1.0'?>
<rspec xmlns="" type="request" generated_by="jFed RSpec Editor" generated="2016-07-13T05:36:43.775+02:00" xmlns:emulab="" xmlns:jfedBonfire="" xmlns:delay="" xmlns:jfed-command="" xmlns:client="" xmlns:jfed-ssh-keys="" xmlns:jfed="" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:openflow="" xmlns:sharedvlan="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="               ">
<openflow:sliver description="bvermeul's experiment." email="" ref="">
  <openflow:controller url="tcp:" type="primary"/>
 <openflow:group name="johngrp">
          <openflow:datapath component_id="" component_manager_id="">
               <openflow:port num="1"/>
               <openflow:port num="2"/>
               <openflow:port num="3"/>
                      <openflow:use-group name="johngrp"/>
              <openflow:dl_type value="0x800,0x806"/>
               <openflow:nw_src value="" />
              <openflow:nw_dst value="" />

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